Perfect for newcomers

Shorten the learning curve of new team members

Newcomers to a project can search, navigate and understand their team’s previous work by themselves. It’s like having a personal expert to teach you how every single line of code works.

No more 2x {code}

Measure code-to-code similarity to avoid duplication

In large development teams, it’s usual to come across the same functionality coded several times by different people. Duplicated code is hard to maintain and generates bugs.

To prevent this problem, our tool is able to measure code-to-code similarity and detect different pieces of code that are currently implementing the same functionality in a particular context, providing a quick duplication check for developers and architects.

Custom and contextual

Get results compatible with your project’s characteristics and ensure consistency

Augmented Coding is a fully customizable tool. Apart from the periodical training with millions of source code files in different programming languages, its learning process is complemented with code coming from your own project.

This way, each system is completely unique and will learn how to best serve you and your project's needs.

Archeology? We’re all for it

Save numerous hours of code archeology and exploration

A very common scenario in the software industry is to find projects with years of undocumented code.

Augmented Coding Automatic Documentation uses state-of-the-art algorithms to automatically generate documentation for undocumented code snippets, saving time and efforts of frustrating code exploration.

Security and privacy go first

Our top priority is to safeguard your code

Augmented Coding meets the criteria for the highest levels of security requirements.

Each tool can be deployed in the cloud and on-premise, guaranteeing that the code remains secure in your preferred location.

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